Grace and Gifts

I made a decision to move to a one bedroom apartment instead of of an independent group home. I’m not ready for a group home. I’ve lived alone before when I lived in Florida. It’s not my preference, but I’ll push myself to get involved with church and groups that share interests of mine. My introvert side needs a push.

I made another decision to delete my Facebook app. The page offers so little title of what I was looking for, and is a deterrent to my commitment to get active with folks, face to face. My son, Michael, told me it’s not the best way to send messages to my loved ones. I’ll have a better use of my time by working on my writing.

I’m looking for gently used furniture. Martha, my sister, friend and host to me for three years, found a lovely bedroom suite that he’s giving to me! Some would say luck, but she and l think that God provided a lovely gift when my need is apparent and my funds are tight. Another grace gift, the complex where I’m moving is gated, beautiful and offered a lovely move in special for Nick and me. Cumberland Ridge provide security for each apartment. I feel safe and snug in my small space.

Stop by and see me!

What happened?

I planned to be posting this month. Didn’t happen because I went to Florida for 2 weeks to try out a living arrangement. It’s enough to say that it didn’t work out. My son, Wesley Markham, traveled with me. When we returned he and I had a lovely time with our family here inTennessee. He has a way with the little one and the preteen boys. We enjoyed seeing his daughter, Samantha. 

We ate too much! I’ll get back to my diabetes food plan starting tomorrow. 

Thank you! 

I stopped writing for 6 months. I know! I can’t believe it either. I won’t bore you with excuses. I’m so greatful to those who read posts, and for some new followers! Pick me up from the floor.  You all encouraged me! I feel  the juices starting to bubble up, ideas are populating my grey matter. I want to write; and read your posts too.

Come on on back next year and let’s see if we can create some fun.

What’s stuck in my brain?

Memories, itching to come out. Martha and I remember Mom telling us this tiny story. I more than she, as she claims long-term memory fail.

Mom said, “Ab c d b! L m no b. O s m r 2, c m it bt is. L I b, I c m it bt is.”


The translation is, “Abby see the bee. Hell, him no bee. Oh yes him are to, see him itty bitty eyes. Well I be, I see him itty bitty eyes.”

bee eye

For some reason I associate this with pizza. At the time there was no pizza in Lebanon. Was there a pizzeria later that capitalized on this saying? Yes, in Florida. CDB Pizza.

Have you heard this abc story, or another like it?


Where are you?

Where our young men to dream and old men to prophesy? Don’t Christians have a voice? Have we all fallen into apostasy. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS. John 1:9 Repent from your sins that separate you from our Lord. At judgement will you be a goat or his sheep?

Living Well Means

Last night was my first night on thefarm. I was weary from driving as well as not sleeping well for the last week. My fit bit shows I slept well and I feel like I did too. 

It’s raining today. No walking unless it clears up. The ducks are happy foraging in the rain. The five dogs are sleeping. I’m going to read right now. My Kindle has quite a few waiting for me to open. 

Make the most of your day, enjoy your life. 


I’m going to the farm for 10 days peace and time of being restored while I’m cradled in his hand. Nick knows something is going on. Later as we get closer he’ll know where we’re we going.   Happy dance time.