It is NOT Okay

She’s so right.

r e F o c u s

I’m sure by this point you’ve seen the video. The one of the young African-American woman being removed from a presidential campaign rally in Louisville, being pushed and prodded by numerous campaign supporters while others pummel her with insults or capture the whole incident on their phone. Not one person, not one, steps in and says, “Hey now, this is a human being. Show a little respect for the human race.”  Not one defends. Not one speaks out. Not one.

And I’ve refrained from posting anything about this here because I didn’t want this blog to be political. I’ve kept this place free from politics and campaigns and opinion on government and court decisions and I was determined to do so, until today.

Because today, I realized, THIS IS NOT POLITICAL. 

It’s not about politics. It’s about humanity.

As I watched that girl get pushed and shoved all I could think was…

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2 thoughts on “It is NOT Okay

  1. Thanks for re-posting, Meredith. i agree with the writer. i too try to refrain from anything political on my site because about the only thing political posts do is anger those with opposing views, give the writer an unnecessary avenue to rant, and fill up social media with one-sided, poorly thought out comments.
    i often wonder how Christians, if they truly know and follow the tenets of the New Testament, can justify the hate and bullying they display when they turn political. This post gave me some hope…unfortunately, i don’t think it will impact a great number of people outside you, a few others, and me.

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