Opal and Warning, Milk

You’ll find everything you need to start writing haiku by clicking on
I’ve missed much of the last two weeks because of this critter.
I’m getting better. This is my first time to sit at my computer with
writing on my mind.
I’ll introduce Martha’s two poems first. I haven’t started, but we
have all day.
Opalmeredith 2
Iridescent stone
Milky, creamy, lustrous gem
My mother’s birthstone
wolf in sheeps clothing
Mind the smooth talker
compelling flattery flows
beguiles discernment
These two are my take on the prompt words, milk and smooth.
Milk Bath
pharo in her bath
Honey and milk bath
Just like ancient Egyptians
Skin polished and smooth
Here’s a recipe for own milk bath.

Awesome-Night-Milky-Way-Wallpaper-AndroidMilky Way

Sun ruled galaxy
Designed in perfect order
Smooth operation

14 thoughts on “Opal and Warning, Milk

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  2. A great collection of very different haiku for the challenge Meredith. The opal one brings back memories, my parents were once opal miners and we took it for granted a bit, I used to cut and polish opal as a hobby back in earlier years, still have pots of the raw stuff out in the shed somewhere.

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    • I had an acquaintance I Knoxville, TN who cut & polished opals as a hobby. I had a lovely irregular oval shape on a chain. It now graces my daughter-in-law’s neck. Thanks for your comments & the opportunity to reminisce.


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