William H. Gass

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Colleen and Ronovan invite us to share our favorite quotes each Friday and to write about how it inspires us.


William E. Gass

Publisher Weekly asked William H. Gass for five writing tips. One of the tips included, “Be happy because no one is seeing what you do, no one is listening to you, no one really cares what may be achieved, but sometimes accidents happen and beauty is born.”

The 91-year-old is a philosopher, critic and a novelist. It’s said some of  his writing is difficult to read.  We can forgive him that because his novellas are created with startling beauty.”

I haven’t read any of Gass’ philosophy books, nor do I plan to. I can’t post a video of his readings and discussions on You Tube because I don’t understand what he’s trying to say. The presentation would only appeal to other philosophers. Im interested in his novellas.

I enjoy his quotes, especially the one I used, and especially “change the world into words.” Are we writing about things that can change our world? Does what we write have a purpose or a driving theme that will cause our reader’s to understand how to make their world better?




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