Resolution and Determination, Perfect and Organize

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Martha and I are late publishing our haiku, Martha had emailed hers to me on Monday, however, I was preoccupied thinking about Monday night. I spent the night in the Sleep Clinic for the second part of my sleep study. The purpose was to be fitted for a mask to keep my airway open, apnea. It all began when I got a Fitbit. My sleep pattern showed  restlessness up to 25 times a night, and Martha remarked that my memory was getting worse. I’m anxious to get my equipment and experience the benefits!

Let’s see what Martha has for us.

year of the monkey


Year of the monkey
is zodiac schmodiac.
Newness comes each day!
Here’s one for you all who make New Year resolutions.
ant with determination
Lofty ideas
oft fade with the passing year.
Renew ambition.
Meredith will be right back. Let’s see if I have enough of a mind left to compose 2.
I shun New Years Eve
I’m put off by large, loud crowds
A fire, Nick a book

IMG_1787Martha’s room

Keep, give away, throw out
Declutter, make way for new
Begin the year free


16 thoughts on “Resolution and Determination, Perfect and Organize

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  2. Looks like you are reaching some of your goals. Quite New Year’s Eve’s sound good to me too. Love the photo of the ant and the globe, and the one of your dog. And oh yes, your haiku are excellent.

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