The End or a New Beginning


Rod Stewart-Have You Ever Seen The Rain

John Fogerty wrote this as  a break up song for Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Beth put the finishing touches on the trays of food and lit the candles. Brad promised to be there early to help, as usual he didn’t show. His excuses were getting weaker. The party was his idea, a small soiree with a few of their clients on a Friday evening. At least he remembered to have the wine delivered early.

The doorbell chimed. “I’m coming Carol. Thank, God. I’m so happy to see you. Again thanks for coming last minute.”

“What happened to Brad?” she said.

“I haven’t heard a peep? Here’s an apron. Put some music on and then help me put a couple of the wine bottles out. Watch and as they empty  replace them.”

“Who’s coming, the usual suspects?” her sister said.

“Not this time. It’s a few of our clients, the Brewster’s, the vice mayor, Charlie and Belle, Freddie and his partner, and a few others, I think. People Brad invited last minute.”

“Don’t you two talk? You work together and date…You all still date, don’t you?”

Beth opened a bottle of Apothic Red, her new favorite. “Come sit. I invited you for another reason. I need your advice. Remember how you cautioned me about getting involved with someone in the work place?”

“Yeah, sure what’s up? Are you getting some signals from good, old late Brad?”

Beth looked up with glassy eyes, trying to keep the tears back. “Yes. He’s turned into the mystery man. We don’t talk about our cases. He’s had to break dates. I’ve got a terrible feeling that this is leading to the big break up. Tonight tops off a string of broken promises?”

The doorbell chimed and they put on their happy faces to greet their guest. The people arrived as a group. Beth greeted them as Carol took their coats and told them to leave the gifts they brought on the coffee table.

Beth was kept busy as the guest asked about Brad. Carol opened the wine and made sure everyone was served. The party warmed up and the chatter was lively. Laughter drifted through the house. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying the food and the music. Carol thought with or without Brad the night was a success

Beth was growing more furious each minute. She couldn’t imagine what excuse he could have for missing his own party. I can’t wait to give him a piece of mind! Did I say that out loud, she thought? No, but I think I’m loosing my mind!”

Then the doorbell rang and everyone stopped talking and turned to watch as Beth went to answer.

Is this the end or a new beginning?

This is my first time to participate in Ronovan’s Friday Fiction. Please don’t hold back with constructive criticism.




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