Pulled and Builder’s Dream


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #70 Crane&Gold

Every Monday Martha and I always look for Ronovan’s post with the new prompt words. This is week 70! Incredible. We haven’t participated in everyone, but enough to print a book of haiku. I don’t have an inclination to do that.

Enough spinning time, let’s see what I can spin with words.

by Meredith



Photographers pulled
Golden sunset ends the day
Followed by moon rise


Builders Dream


Builders dream of land
Yellow cranes dig, build
Gold in their coffers

by Martha


Gilded gates await
our presence in hereafter
spread the holy word
The Concert
Fans crane youthful necks
to peer over spectators
stage lights shine like gold

13 thoughts on “Pulled and Builder’s Dream

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    The pimp doesn’t even care how much the prostitute makes; he just wants his cut up


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