Haiku and Mind


I’m at my desk writing my Monday’s Music when Martha called up to me from her desk that she has emailed her two haikus to me. That is the signal to go to Ronovan’s address to see the prompt words, Haiku and Mind. I don’t read anyone else’s poems lest I “borrow” ideas or be influenced in any way. Now I think and write. I like to write on Poem Syllable Counter.

by Meredith



Anyone can write
If it’s 3 lines of haiku
Mind the syllables






I’m losing my mind
What can I do? Poetry!
Ron’s haiku challenge

10by Martha

Using the Noggin
Counting syllables
in my noggin Monday morn.
Haiku starts my week.

happy sad

Emotional Outpouring
What is the pleasure
of your mind, love, nature, grief?
Express with Haiku


10 thoughts on “Haiku and Mind

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  2. I normally don’t read before I write either but since I’m here to link up for the quote challenge I couldn’t resist – and I love them all!

    I use the syllable counter, too; it surprises me how often the count is different than I think it is. And yes, I’ve gone off on a tangent: sorry! LOL

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