Greg’s post alerted me to J Lapis’ site. My inspiration for this  post came from John Fogerty song that J Lapis posted at the end of her poem. You don’t want to miss these two blogs: 1. because they both write so well, 2. they tell the first part of the story.

I haven’t followed baseball since my son’s played. I read somewhere that women need to know someone, or know something about players, to enjoy the game. Mark and his friend took me to an Angle’s game when I lived there. It was lack-luster, even the players seemed to be bored. So no, I didn’t see the series. But, I can see how this song is appropriate since the series is over. Congratulations to the Royals for their win. I read they won with “devil magic and pure talent,” and it was unlikely to happen again.

One thought on “Centerfield

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