Working Together Separately

I respect the work Melissa & her husband do to feed the soil.

The Aran Artisan


Many days Johnny and I can be found toiling about our garden, working together separately.  With bent over backs, we handle the earth, only speaking when necessary.  Perhaps because we rarely have silence in our full house.  Or because in the openness of the land, sound travels so easily.  With the constant island breeze, the birds might carry our intimate, personal conversation to the ears of neighbors and passing strangers.  Better to not risk it.  After all, if we can hear them, chances are they can hear us.  Although both of these reasons are sound, our silence is more likely because working with our hands is meditative, especially when working in nature.  It has evolved from the aforementioned reasons of appreciation and prudence to the contemplative cognizance of the task being carried out. The work is not just a means to an end; we are wholly aware that this is where we’re meant to be…

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