What’s For Breakfast

Hugh has a photo challenge going on. Today we are suppose to use a picture of our breakfast.

Martha and I agreed to buy a NutriBullet. Mark had a juicer, but that extracted the pulp/fiber. We need more fiber so the NutriBullet fit our needs. Nutribullet2

IMG_1601 (1)Now we share a smoothie nearly every morning. It provides us with 2 servings of veggies, dark leafy greens and a carrot, and a serving of fruit, milk, flax seed and almonds or walnuts.

We really enjoy them.

You might be curious why we don’t use Almond or Soy Milk. One word, sugar. Neither of us are lactose intolerant, nor are we vegetarian, so thanks to Ms. Cow we enjoy 2% milk (from Happy Cows!)

Bon appetite!


9 thoughts on “What’s For Breakfast

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  2. My sister in law bought us one of these (different brand name) for Christmas a couple of years ago. I just opened it a few months back and really like it, too. I add cottage cheese to most of my concoctions to add protein and I don’t think it alters the flavors at all.

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