Comfort food? Maybe not. A #BeWoW post.

Ronovan shares some good ideas about food. Pass me some of Maw Maw’s fried chicken, please.


“There is no more useful and rewarding exercise than to spend time in your own kitchen preparing your own meals.”-Ronovan
Last week I got to thinking about comfort foods. I’m not certain if that was because I’m on a no or at least very little processed foods nutrition lifestyle right now or not.
This past weekend I did an indulgence day and ate something, I can’t remember what, I know bread was involved and some sort of sweet.
Oh, I’ve stayed off sweets as well with this new lifestyle.
I’m glad I indulged.
I ate those foods Saturday and had a Diet Rite drink and very shortly afterwards my body was complaining. It didn’t like the chemically formulated drink, or the run to Google to research ingredient meanings processed foods.
The entire week I’d been on my new nutrition lifestyle I had no problems at all with anything. Well, except…

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