Chuck Berry

Colleen gives us the opportunity to share a quote that will express what is going on in our world on her weekly Writer’s Weekly Wednesday.

We’ve been on an adrenalin high, hurt, and deprived of sleep since Friday. This Chuck Berry quote expressed how my sister and I felt quite literally.

chuck berry

We found a good home for Gidget. Now I have a stone in the center of my chest. We both loved her. We fully disclosed everything that transpired before they took her to live with them on their farm.

In conjunction with what Chuck Berry meant, for me it’s an encouragement to not make the same mistakes or misspeaks twice. Learn from your past; don’t keep repeating it.



7 thoughts on “Chuck Berry

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  2. Sometimes doing the right thing can be so very difficult. You did what was best for everyone but giving up a pet is so hard.

    Your quote is very appropriate and so very important. You can’t keep making the same mistake over and over again. It’s the same as spinning your wheels on the ice- it gets you nowhere.

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