Birthday Song

There are more videos to choose from on YouTube of the Beetles birthday song, the Peanut kids singing the Beetles song, for example. Wesley Markham Haynes sent the song to me several birthdays ago, and I adopted the song to send to others.

I’ve never been a Beetles fan. When I was in high school other girls were swooning over this shaggy haired group. You wouldn’t find me among the groups of screaming, crying groupies. Unless this kind of behavior was something the teenage girl’s brain would get caught up in.

Maybe I am a late bloomer? Here, at this time, this is one of their songs that I find useful. I like it.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Song

  1. “You say it’s your birthday….!” I love this song. Another I enjoy on my birthday is, “It’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to,” not because I want to cry, but because it’s somewhat obnoxious. It’s kind of fun to be a tiny bit obnoxious as you get older. 😉

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