Shirley Ann Grau

Colleen is our gracious blog hostess for an event called Writer’s Quote Wednesday. If you are an active Word Press blogger, you are a writer. It’s a great place to meet others and share an inspirational quote; or a good place to visit for a pick-me-up to jump start the creative processes firing.
“Everyone tells stories around here. Every place, every
person has a ring of stories around them, a halo almost.
People have told me tales ever since I was a tiny girl
squatting in the front dooryard, in mud-caked overalls,
digging for doodlebugs. They have talked to me, and
talked to me. Some I’ve forgotten, but most I remember.
And so my memory goes back before my birth”
Shirley Ann Grau
Shirley Ann Grau is from New Orleans. Most of her books are set in the Deep South, and explores issues of race and gender. Shirley’s 1964 book The Keepers of the House was awarded the 1965 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. You can find the audio of this book of YouTube.

YouTube offers this video of Shirley talking about her life and work with Deep South Magazine Editor Erin Z. Bass at the 2013 Louisiana Book Festival.

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