Bridge and Move

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martha and nickmeredith and nick

Martha & Meredith with Nick

Haiku by Martha

The Bridge
movement below me
seems angry, tumultuous
bridge provides safety
Beloved Pet
As she slowly moves
from life, comfort is taken
from The Rainbow Bridge



Haiku by Meredith

Family Feud

Each unmovable
A family torn apart
I can’t span the gap

argue (1)


Men building a bridge
Working at perilous heights
Moving, make progress


9 thoughts on “Bridge and Move

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  2. 🙂 I liked the rainbow bridge in spite of the sad topic 🙂 and tumultuous is a fantastic word! All the haiku are interesting and enjoyable to read and the tensions between them and the page layout enhancing that creates such good movement 🙂 All the pics are fab but the photo for Progress has really intriguing composition. Enjoyed visiting 🙂

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