Bust and Must

ronovan_writes_haiku_prompt_badge_autumn_2014Ronovan’s haiku challenge always comes out on Monday. Even though he’s operating at a disadvantage, without his computer, we have our prompt words, bust and must.


by Martha


Moving On
To break away from
ravages of a bruised heart
is imperative.
danceDance of Life

Bust a crazy move
In this short journey called life.
Must for sanity!
by Meredith
She must have a guard
The paparazzi bust through
demanding photos
Piano teachers
Must have yearly recitals
Gifts musicians bust

5 thoughts on “Bust and Must

  1. Hello Meredith! I liked Martha’s twist of the prompt words in her first haiku. I like your Paparazzi haiku. It reminded me of the troubles the royals are having at the moment with the crazy paprazzi trying to get photos of their little boy.

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