Crowning Glory


This is day two of the Three Day Quote Challenge. Jane Basil invited me to participate.

For the challenge, the rules are:
I – Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for three (3) posts in a row.
II – Thank the person who nominated you.
III – Pass it on to three (3) other bloggers per quote, each time you post them.
IIIb – Or pass it to nine (9) bloggers if you choose to post all the quotes together, in the same post.

I’m sending out invitation for three talented bloggers to participate, Ramona Wray, Cat and Missy.

Our quote for today is about our favorite subject.

proverbs 17






Martha’s two daughters, Crissa and Angela gave her two grandchildren apiece.

all the grandchildren














cole and mckinleyrandolp boys'









My son Wesley Markham gave me two granddaughters.








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