Saturday All-Stars Baseball Game

Saturday morning at 6:20 a.m., Nick and I woke to rain. It looked like we were socked in for the day. Fortunately, we had breaks in the rain and the dogs were able to get out for potty breaks.

I settled with my coffee to talk with Martha about our day. She told me at 1:00 p.m. she was going for “Evanator’s” all-star game. I was  persuaded to go too with reassurance that the weather would clear and turn sunny.

evanEvan’s the one with the red glove.

I spent many years attending baseball games. My youngest son played more sports, and played consistently than my two older ones.

mike on rt.

Mike is on the right. I miss those days. Mike played baseball, basketball and football.  Now my sports man plays golf.

All three of my youngest great nephews play baseball. I should have opportunities to attend sports events they play in for a while to come.





6 thoughts on “Saturday All-Stars Baseball Game

  1. Love your picture of your baseball-playing sons. I have memories of sons playing baseball, ice hockey, soccer, swimming and cross country running. Now one of my sons is coaching his son’s baseball team. Thanks for sharing your love of sports.

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  2. Meredith, I hope you are well?

    This is such a lovely post looking both into the past and the future. I hope you get to go and watch many more games especially when your nephews are playing. I’m sure they appreciate your support at being there.

    Take care.

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