Martha’s Haiku


The old scrawny hound

mistreated for a lifetime

The master gains naught.


What does one profit

in life with no sacrifice

Give chase to your dreams.

I think these are two of sister’s best haiku. The pictures she picked are exceptional too. I can’t find who made the drawing or who the Metropolitan Hermit is. I was drawn to the saying about climbing into your shoulder blades for wings. 
Visit Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge to participate. Prompt words: gain & prompt.

18 thoughts on “Martha’s Haiku

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  2. Hi Meredith, love the wings quotes, and Martha always with lovely haiku! I’ve nominated you for the 3 days photo and quote challenge, I hope you enjoy, maybe you can ask Martha to join too. You ladies are the best!

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      • Seeing my doctor tomorrow my. My blood pressure has gone skyhigh. We’ll get to the bottom of it. It could be the two nights I couldn’t sleep ha ha. Right now I feel like I’ve been swung around & let go. Dizzy all the one.


      • I have cardiovascular disease. A newly discovered murmur could be the culprit. When I was in hospital a month ago I had same problem. Dad had similar problems and continued an active happy life for 20 years – 89. Thanks for your encouragement.

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