What’s that reflecting from the moon!?! It’s a moonbow. Sometimes it’s called a white bow because the colors are hard to see. Where you have water, or water falls and bright moon light, you might be privileged to see a moonbow.

Kymoonbow at cumberland

I’m only 174 miles from Corbin, Kentucky where Cumberland Falls State Park is. As the sign says the Cumberland Falls Moonbow appears here. It’s the only one in the Western Hemisphere.

yosemite moonbow

 Yosemite Falls

The picture is shot full of stars, and mid-way down you can see the moonbow.

victoria falls moonbow

Victoria Falls

The color appears brighter, but the stars are still obvious.

To accompany view the other pictures, a little Piano Guys electronic  cello music inspired by Beethoven.

 mb double-moonbow-in-dorgali clouds ca

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