Are You OK?

Ronovan’s Wednesday Invitation to blog share positive posts.BeeWoW

The question to prompt us to think about positive ideas and attitudes is:  Are you okay? 


This is the time past I was reminded of when I read Ronovan’s question. In this story someone isn’t ok. After you finish reading tell us what you think.

In 1970 I was living in Memphis with three little boys ages 8, 7 and 4. I was teaching and putting a husband through law school. Each year teachers have an opportunity to participate in workshops to sharpen skills for the coming year. This summer a book that came out in a very small printing in 1969. It made an impression on the reading public and more were released. Apparently the person in charge of continuing education for teachers was impressed too. On our list of choices we were invited to participate in I’m Ok, You’re Ok: A Practical Guide to Transactional Analysis workshop. I'm ok

Transactional analysis developed by Eric Berne is used in psychoanalysis. Berne’s theory is that we all have three ego states, parent, adult and child. I wonder now what the desired outcome of the workshop was. Were we to learn to recognize when we or someone else is working as a child? Were we to focus on being an adult in all of our interactions? I believe in the course of treatment it was desirable to interact as adults.

What did I learn from this class? That going around the imposed circle and saying we were all right and why, can bring on an emotional break down when one can’t say it, or think of one thing that makes them ok. I also felt the instructor need a dunce cap and a corner to face. Many of us broke ranks, left the circle to comfort our weeping colleague.





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