Open Door and Abby

Monday, Monday


I love Monday’s; Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge and Monday’s Music .  Martha is running errands and having lunch out. I’ll post her two haiku upon her return.

These two I proudly offer as my contribution.

by Meredith


No Threats

go! leave, it’s no loss
faith inspired me that love keeps
the heart’s door open



my loss was painful
when Abby crossed Rainbow Bridge
love spurred to replace

I learned long ago the more  love you give away, the more you have to give.






10 thoughts on “Open Door and Abby

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  2. Touching & sad. Love is not what brings the pain, it is when it is taken from us. So it’s the absence we feel in the pain. The Love is still full.

    Your Abby is a beauty. Our animals give us more & more & are a comfort for they let us Love them unconditionally. I wouldn’t want to live without them.


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