I haven’t always been a fan of jazz. I sort of mellowed into it. A friend, Courtney, was a huge fan of jazz and unicorns. I heard jazz when we hung out, and came to enjoy it. I find it’s great background music while I write. The music I like smooths the edges and  causes nerves to relax in a cool pool.

Jazz developed from a mixture of;

sprituals Spirituals and field hollers of the plantation slave workers
rags The beat of ragtime syncopation
brass bands The driving marches and sounds of brass bands
blues The deep down growl of the blues”

The instruments of military bands became available to slaves freed after the Civil War. They were free to form and share their music. New Orleans was a city to feature jazz. That was over 100 years ago, and today the music has spread dandelion seeds over the world.

Jazz festivals are held all over the U.S. Click on festival to see a list.

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