Dorothy Dunnett


Dorothy Dunnett is best known  for her series of historical fiction – The Lymond Chronicles, and The House of Niccolo – set in the 15th century. Considering her genre I can understand her seeing imagination as a last resort.

DD markerI haven’t read any of her historical fiction, but finding they celebrate a Dorothy Dunnett Day in Edinburgh I guess she has a good following. I doubt very seriously if she discounted imagination altogether, after all she was a painter and sculptress. She appeared to want to emphasis how important facts are to history.


NPR site will provide more quotes from other authors about Dunnett. You can find an audio book, maybe more, on YouTube, as well as a 22 minute clip of her appearance on Off The Page.

Colleen, thanks for the opportunity to search for pearls of wisdom in the sea or authors. I enjoy it when I write, and later when I read what my friends have found and shared.

4 thoughts on “Dorothy Dunnett

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  2. I love historical fiction, although I find that I have to use my imagination a great deal. Ah, the life of a student writer. Good for her if she does not have to do that! I will check this author out. Thanks, Meredith. ❤

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