About Time

About Time  (2013)
R | 123 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance | 8 November 2013 (USA)10

large about time

Cast (in credits order)
Domhnall Gleeson, Tim
Rachel McAdams, Mary
Bill Nighy, Dad
Lydia Wilson, Kit Kat
Lindsay Duncan. Mum
Richard Cordery, Uncle D
Joshua McGuire, Rory
Tom Hollander, Harry
Margot Robbie, Charlotte
Will Merrick, Jay
and many more… (IMB)

I started watching a British film about time travel. Immediately I’m reminded of a Word Press friend from Hove, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom who writes about time travel,  as well as many other interesting subjects, Hugh. I stopped sent him a message. He in turn suggested I review the movie when I finished. Thanks for the ‘prompt’ Hugh.

It’s best if I tell you right away that I’m easy to please. I’m not sitting around with a pen and pad noting where the time travel rules, as explained by dad, are violated. I’m looking for a film that can combine romance, adventure, pathos, comedy, marriage, births, deaths and a happy ending. A film about life. About Time did that to my satisfaction. I had a great feel good glow when credits rolled around.

Richard Curtis wrote the script and  directed  About Time. You will remember he also directed Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love, Actually. What I think he emphasized in the film, is that we need to grasp the concept that life is filled with ups and downs. We must learn to make the most of each day if we want to be happy. All the time travel you could do would  leave you exhausted and confronted with a different set of perplexing difficulties. Add in a dash of inability to solve other’s problems without complicating our own lives, and you have an entertaining film! I recommend this movie.

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