Alice Hoffman

Colleen has posted her Writer’s Quote for Wednesday. Her focus this week is to find that certain spark or magic in your mind to imagine characters, different worlds, the stuff that makes a great story.

aliceLet me introduce you to Alice Hoffman.
“Alice Hoffman is an American novelist and young-adult and children’s writer, best known for her 1996 novel Practical Magic, which was adapted for a 1998 film of the same name.” Wikipedia
Born: March 16, 1952 (age 63), New York City, NY
Spouse: Tom Martin
Movies: Practical Magic, Aquamarine, The River King

alice quoteI found this quote on a Google search. I’ve experienced this magic when out of nothing the characters assert their personality into the mix. The writer is compelled to listen. Don’t fight it, go with it.

I enjoyed hearing Hoffman at a conference Alice Hoffman discuss “The Third Angel, a triptych of interwoven love stories anchored to a haunted London hotel. In this novel of dark romance and penetrating psychic insight, Hoffman dramatizes the shocks and revelations that forge the self and reveals the necessity and toll of empathy and kindness.” From YouTube.

I saw the movie, Practical Magic. You can too on potlucker.

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  2. That is an absolutely fabulous quote, Meredith. As you know, I am experiencing this phenomenon first hand! I will have to go back and view the video. I have heard of this author and would like to learn more about her. Thanks, Meredith.

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