Down On The Farm

I lived on a 40 acre farm in Alabama on Brindley Mountain in a little town called Union Hill. We raised pigs, cows, horses, pea fowl, peacocks and chickens. The prerequisite barn cats and a couple of dogs rounded out our menagerie. Not to mention three rambunctious boys, who stirred the pot on more than one occasion.

chickensA skunk abruptly made his appearance known in our hen house. Feathers and a missing hen from her nest let us know the stinker thought he had found a good source of chicken dinner. We foiled his plans with a sturdy trap at the back of the hen house with some tasty bait. Less than 24 hours later we had captured the culprit. Hubs worked on Red Stone Arsenal in Huntsville so the plan was to dispose of our skunk when he got home. He instructed the boys to leave the skunk alone before he left for work.

An hour after their dad left my oldest, David, ran in screaming. He’d been sprayed while “looking” = poking the skunk with a stick. If you think I grabbed some tomato juice that I spent hours canning for a bath, you’d be wrong. It’s ineffective at best. The best recipe is a quart of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and a teaspoon of dish soap. I bathed him and sent him on his way to play anywhere but near the trapped skunk. HA! He was the knight going out to kill the dragon that sprayed fire.

Alas, the knight was defeated. A spray to his eyes convinced him to leave the dragon alone! Flushing his eyes with cool water and another bath, and down for a nap, and some respite for mother ended his curiosity about the skunk.

M & G homeI’m on my way to another farm tomorrow. My brother, Mike, and his wife Gloria have 100 acres in Watertown, Tennessee. I love this place and so does Nick. He has free range of everything but the pond because he chases the geese. Mike and Gloria have 4 dogs; Molly the Boxer, Annie a Lab-?mix, George a Fox Terrier and Jordan a shaggy Terrier. Nick loves them all. While my brother a sis-in-law are on vacation I feed the dogs and the barn cats, get the mail, and have a time of renewal and refreshment of the soul.

I might use Mike’s computer and post while I’m there this trip. If I don’t, you know I’m like the fat cat sleeping in the sun.

6 thoughts on “Down On The Farm

  1. There are so many cat photos on the blogs…I am owned by a cat so I totally get it. My beloved is also in tune wit the global cat consciousness. (no matter where we go cats show up and embrace him) But I just had to let you know that the photo of the cat in the chair that you express is similar to you…well one of the best photos I have seen! Just wonderful.


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