My Need and Hold Your Horses

haiku-44(Ron, is this a rabbit? Is this creature playing a musical instrument?)


Week 44 of Ronovan’s haiku challenge and the prompt is charge and lovers.

I’m posting Martha’s contribution to our challenge this week.


My Need

Your charge is quite clear
If you truly desire me
Respect me lover.

lep and jag

Hold Your Horses

An over bearing charge
and making heavy demands
never wins, lover



6 thoughts on “My Need and Hold Your Horses

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  2. Not a bunny. 🙂 Lovers in each others arms, with their heads on the others shoulder. And well, as far as an instrument, he’s holding her up and she’s wrapped around him, so I guess you could say instruments are being played. I thought the heads together like that made somewhat of a heart shape. 🙂


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