Did You Hear The Rain

George Ezra, an English singer song writer grew up in Hertford. Both his parents are teachers. He studied at the British Irish Modern Music Institute. Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie are credited as his main influences. His voice is a deep baritone, with a bluesy quality. Ezra’s voice has been described as having a voice beyond his years. He won  an award as one of  fifty greatest artists and YouTube performances.

“Did You Hear the Rain?” was released as the lead single from his debut studio album Wanted on Voyage (2014),  and re-released in the UK on 11 May 2015.

I like the poetry of the song and that I understand the words he sings. I found the video to be a bit boring, one setting and no drama. I would have put him in the rain singing as he’s on his way home. Does the music remind you of a rain storm?

I’m a new fan of George Ezra.

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