Section from Perfect Plan…a work in progress

I thought I’d lost this section that I took out of a novel I was writing in 2010. In fact I think this is the only piece I have of it. It didn’t fit with the suspense/romance. When I let the girls read it thy thought we’d never think to name ourselves, in other words we weren’t that sophisticated. They were thinking about when we were in high school, but these young ladies are adults, some married with careers.  Four of us were in the picture in Lunch in Lebanon.

Second thought, probably better not to base your fiction characters on your friends.


That Tuesday she met the girls for their weekly lunch date.

“What shall we call ourselves?” Minnie Sue said. “Back in the day we thought we were so cool and wicked to be known as the Black Devils instead of the Lebanon Blue Devils. But now we are too sophisticated for that.”

“Yeah, we need a name.” Linda said.

“Hmm, a group name,” June said.

“Why?” Minne Sue said.

“’Cause we’re bored,” Linda said.

“Don’t hold back let’s get some ideas written down?” Minnie Sue said.

“Best friends.” Betsy/Meredith said. “We all have best friends in other groups, but who do we the run to when it is something important?”

“We are incredibly different and yet so alike, four short, one tall. Three brunettes, two blondes, all girl!”

Sue Joyce said. “We talk about anything and everything. And we ALWAYS have fun.”
“We don’t care what other people think. We all hate gossip, it’s stupid,” Sue Joyce said.

“We read a lot. And yeah, we’re awesome!” Linda said.

“Oh! And most importantly we’re all followers of Christ,” Betsy/Meredith said.

A cheer from them and  they all set to work with napkins and pens, doodling, jotting down ideas as they came to mind.

Minnie Sue started, “I know, I know! J. A. R.s for Jesus’ Arms Reaching. We can make up gift jars to give as a ministry.”

“How about this, Proverbs 31 Wanabees?” Linda said.

June held her hand up as if any of them needed permission to talk. “I think L.E.G.S., Ladies

Empowered by God’s Spirit. personifies us.”

“S.O.S. – Sisters of Strength,” Sue Joyce add her contribution.

“Betsy you haven’t come up with one. You have to choose the right name for us,” June said.

“Well, I don’t think J.A.R.s is for us. We would never get around to making up the gift jars.” Laughter echoed around the table. “Proverbs 31 Wannabees might put too much pressure on us. I think it’s between S.O.S. and L.E.G.S. What do you think you’d rather hear called out, hey L.E.G.S. or S.O.S.? I vote for L.E.G.S., Ladies Empowered by God’s Spirit.”


I wish I had a knack for comedy, I’d flesh this out with a wickedly funny novel.

One thought on “Section from Perfect Plan…a work in progress

  1. Every once in while I will find a bit of writing scribbled on an envelope, a brown paper bag, a leaf torn from a notebook…tucked into a book, the bottom of a drawer, or an old backpack. Some of the prose is just awful, and some of it fairly descriptive. I often wonder why I abandoned it, but held back from trashing. These notes to myself are time capsules of a sort.

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