Mummy Let Me Out! Yay!

Ritu captures the antics of her cats. We do love our pets.

But I Smile Anyway...

Sonu Singh managed to get out without his cat harnass!

No, no, he didn’t escape or anything, but he’s been pining to go out, and usually we have the harnass and an extendable lead, but we decided to see what he did!

wpid-20150418_180327.jpg Yup, I’m in the bush.. what you gonna do?

He stalked around the back of the garden…

wpid-20150418_175834.jpg I’m Free!!!!!!

Had a pad around the back of the shed…

wpid-20150418_180201.jpg Oooh this feels so cool!

Before darting off again…

wpid-20150418_181236.jpg Then back in the bush again!
wpid-20150418_181302.jpg Contemplating life…

I think he’ll be enjoying more out door freedom now, he was a good kitty, not running off!

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