Health, Porch Sitting

ronovan_writes_haiku_prompt_badge_autumn_2014RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #41 Want&Tatters






by Meredith



As I grow older
I want good health without work
No work all tatters

Porch Sitting

I want to porch sit
Why not walk away tattered
Heart and belly fat



I visited Dr. Nava, my cardiologist, yesterday for a  follow-up after the echocardiogram. I learned all about heart murmurs. The doctor hears the murmurs with the stethoscope, and he sees it in the echocardiogram.  I have a leaky valve. You might be thinking, “Why did she quit her exercise program?” I broke my toe in January, wore a boot and couldn’t participate in my classes. You know I had a great plan and I was working it, but six weeks formed a new habit – not going to the gym.

Dr. Nava advises to start slow walking and increase the level as I can. This will improve my blood pressure, that we’re controlling with medicine, as well as improve my figure!

16 thoughts on “Health, Porch Sitting

  1. I love your post! Interestingly I have exactly the same story. Leakey valve, injury after Christmas, reinjury on vacation…… gym since January. You are not alone. I’m puggy, and happily contented. One learns to embrace the moment, and I am filled with gratitude, and love.

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  2. You look marvelous Meredith. A bit of belly fat keeps us warm and healthy 🙂 Do what makes you happiest, illness can be caused in the mind as well as cured there. If you are at peace with yourself and your lifestyle then peace will be in your body too. We all have a leaky something; no immortal beings. My wish for you is what I pray for my family, to be free of illness and injury, to enjoy each moment while it is here. And that you enjoy that porch sitting 🙂 I’ve no doubt that as days are warmer and longer, new joyfilled habits will naturally form for you. Lots of love, Melissa


  3. As usual, more beautiful haiku. Take the same time and care for your health. The thought of exercise is always the worst but it always makes us feel the best. Do what you can in moderation. (I should take my own advice.) Be well.

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  5. Wishing you well and sending you lots of virtual hugs, Meredith. Please just get better for us, and keep us entertained with your wonderful writing.

    Your haikus this week made me laugh. Fat belly? I don’t think so, unless you look in one of those crazy mirrors at the fairground Hall of Mirrors.

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