Antiques, Son and Golf, Friends

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #40 New&Time


Click on the opening line and find out how to join the fun. Exercise your brain cells and see if you can win the prize for humor or the one for serious haiku. I display my prize with my other badges.

Martha is on a golf trip this week, but I just talked with her and she will be sending me her poems.



by Meredith


Restore fine antiques
Clean, buff, polish, erase time
Won’t rescue my face

If I add 2 more lines it’s a tanka (7,7 syllables).

I will  change inside, outside
Add a smile and viola!

jd and taySon
You were new to me
There’s much time my baby boy
Alas, not to be






by Martha


Here’s the thing with golf
Each hole is newly begun
Eighteen times to hone



Martha's golf girls


Friends   (Martha’s golf girls)

Old friends are priceless
New memories are enjoyed
More time is needed





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