The Yarn Asylum

This picture is from the Yarn Asylum’s web page.





Martha took me by the Yarn Asylum months ago. Ann Shelton, a devotee of needle work, had invited me to come on Thursday evenings. I finally had to gumptions to give it a try. Penny, the owner, has set up an environment conducive for a group of folks to come in to sit for a spell, to chat and share their knitting or crochet projects. She lovingly calls our Thursday night meeting group therapy. There were nine of us last night. This was my first time for group therapy.  These folks were warm, happy and welcoming; smiles all around. I felt at home the minute I came in.

I had some less than stellar experiences with a church group right after I moved. I judged all of Clarksville by them. I know better than to judge the majority by a minority. I’ll blame it on the stress of moving and establishing myself with doctors and a dentist.

I think in retrospect the blog, Fear of Judgment,  I wrote for Writer’s Quote Wednesday sponsored by Colleen motivated me. I made a broad, generalization and judged. If I examine my motives closely, I can say I was fearful of what others might say and think of me. Fear is false evidence appearing real. I must admit that laziness had some influence as well. Slipping into pj’s and settling in to watch movies is too tempting in the evening. My social bank account was close to overdrawn. I’m the only one who can make those deposits; and it doesn’t happen watching movies.

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