Challenge, Games, Golf, Competition

Ronovan Writes Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #39 Vie & Reach


by Meredith


successLife is a challenge

Times come that tempt me to quit

No! I want to win

Martha and MeredithGames

I rival no one

Perfection isn’t my goal

I reach for my best

Martha and I are pictured above in my apartment in California when she came for a visit. We’re playing Words with friends. This is the extent of games that I play with someone else. I play with four other friends as well. I think we all have a common goal in mind, to keep our brains working and to learn new words.

decorative separation

by Martha


What will one do to
Vie for that coveted spot?
Most reach for the moon.
martha golf
I battle the turf
to win the elusive par
well within my reach


Martha is just home for a hard day at the golf course. You can tell by her face she’ll be going back.


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