Donuts. Yeast donuts plain, filled, flavored, coated with chocolate; cake donuts dipped in frosting that oozes into all the cracks and holes yielding a dense calorie loaded treat. Just the thought of the name Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts and I salivate. As I drive I see so many donut shops, all so conveniently located, neon signs, plain signs, clever names, or just the word DONUT! I’m severely tested to yield to temptation at the mere thought of the sweet treat, to pull in, park, go in and stand at the counter trying to make up my mind. When I’m at a gathering and there are boxes of donuts, it is all I can do to resist, and sometime I don’t. I know the facts, loaded with sugar, calories and fat. I really don’t care for the plain ones. So far I’ve been strong. I’ve passed the bakery in the grocery store, kept my car on the road pointed away from the beautiful word. But some days I give myself permission, just one, and not to often. So satisfying with a  glass of cold milk or a steamy cup of coffee, too good to resist every time. Just don’t make it a habit.

What’s your favorite donut?

8 thoughts on “Donuts

  1. I must admit your photo makes my mouth water!! I used to really like just plain donuts with coffee. In a place where I worked we would have donuts for morning tea (probably too often! Lol!)
    These days my favourite sweet treat is chocolate so I save my calories for that.

    I hope the Easter Bunny finds you Meredith! Happy Easter! 🙂

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