Vincent Van Gogh


Colleen’s invitation came yesterday, time for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week she is focusing on self-doubt. We don’t need to let doubt defeat us; we can use it to strengthen.

I’m bringing for your consideration, enjoyment, and enlightenment the words of one of my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh.


Vincent knew about discouragement, but he still painted. When he had no money for food, he painted. Times came when he was ill,  he painted.  He came to painting late in life and his career was short, he painted. I believe he  heard the voice within many times, he painted.

book jacketYou can see he wrote about his painting, his life his thoughts. His diary is offered on There is only one of this particular copy, offered at $700.00. There are other’s much less costly.

I’m pleased to offer the YouTube video of other quotes from Van Gogh. Much is revealed in this 5:32 video.

5 thoughts on “Vincent Van Gogh

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  2. This quote touches my heart. That poor man painted with unstoppable passion, and yet his great works were never recognised in his lifetime. There is a room dedicated to his work in the Louvre, and if you go there you will see people gazing at the most beautiful paintings that were ever created, with tears streaming from their eyes. His life and his work touch us in a unique way.

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