Contemporary Classical Music

Angel music some called it. It’s said the dying requested it. Arvo Part is the composer of Tabula Rosa, from the Latin meaning a clean slate. Part’s name is mentioned  with John Tavener and Henryk Gorecki as one of the “holy minimalists” of contemporary classical music, the period of mid-1970s to early 1990s.

Perhaps you’ve seen my mention of my dislike for discordant music. I haven’t changed my mind, however, the compositions have their supporters and fans. The dying call for the piece above, after all. I’m thinking more along the selections of Beulah Land, Amazing Grace or Swing Low.


3 thoughts on “Contemporary Classical Music

  1. Ah, Meredith, I do so love to listen to your musical choices while I browse my Reader. Now I am done and will listen to the remainder of this whilst I sew. You’re a doll. Have a lovely evening. Melissa Xx p.s. just remembered I can’t send this message or it will interrupt the video… to sew then.

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