C. S. Lewis

writers-quote-wed-20151Colleen leads the way to discover how quotes can inspire the authors and writers among us. Click on her name to find out how to join in the fun and enrichment.

Today she tells us about Oscar Wilde and his one and only novel entitled The Picture of Dorian Gray. One of Colleen’s gift is the ability to see how we can benefit from other’s wisdom. Don’t miss her post on Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Oscar Wilde.


war with self

quote Lewis“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

Clive Staples Lewis (1898–1963) was born on November 29 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m following Colleen’s lead in choosing an Irishman in honor of our Celtic names. Lewis was a  professor at Oxford University and a prolific writer.

Let’s get  my little flub out of the way, the missing k on the second thinking in my picture of the quote. That’s appropriate for the quote, I can think of myself less, and my reader more. Perhaps you think I did that on purpose. Oh contraire, I make plenty of errors. The point, if I’m so self-involved, I’ll miss opportunities to be involved in improving the human condition. That’s what Colleen said about Wilde’s writing, “Oscar Wilde’s writing was filled with the passion of the human condition.”


The first books I read were the Tales of Narnia to my three boys. I bought the box set much like the one above. I was as fascinated with the books as my boys were. Many of Lewis’ books have withstood the test of time. Movies are being made of the Narnia books as well.

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