Mid March Garden Update

Melissa gives us a run-down of the work a garden entails. I love it.

The Aran Artisan

The sunny days this last week could not be ignored and Johnny and I managed a few days of work outside in the garden.

Wed 11 March– Partly sunny, dry, low wind, high temp around 10°C/50°F  Nice day.


-liquid seaweed fertilizer applied to ❤ -shaped herb bed, perennial bed, rhubarb patch, herb and flower corner, tractor tire planters.

-seaweed spread on pumpkin patch

DSCF3076Making organic seaweed tea fertilizer. It likes to be mixed once or twice a week.

Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of the good, thick, and gooey liquid seaweed before it was spread throughout the garden.  This is about three weeks old.  With warm enough weather, it is possible within 2-3 weeks to break down into liquid fertilizer. If the weather is cold, it takes closer to 2-3 months.

As this is a garden update, I won’t get into the details of making organic liquid seaweed fertilizer…

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