How do you decide?

My friend’s rescue, Charlie, has a blog!

Taylor's Tips

Charlie Bear 1

Charlie Bear here. Decisions, decisions. There are all kinds of them each and every day. Like should I eat first or go outside and play? Should I jump up onto Mom Peep’s lap or go where I always go, right on top of Dad Peep? Should I pick one special toy I really like or try a new one?

Pets Oct 2011 013

Charlie Bear with toys Jan. 2012 010

Do you have that problem? Do you have so many things to choose from that it is hard to decide?

Mom Peep says life is full of choices. She has to choose what to write about, how to write it (nonfiction or fiction), where to submit her work, whether to take a chance on a new market, whether to invest her writing time in a full-length book idea or continue to write short stories that sell, how to juggle work with writing (she only works part-time, but it takes a hunk…

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