Field and Beacon Haiku

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Every Monday Ronovan hosts the haiku challenge. This week the prompt is Field and Beacon. The form is simple, and of course he gives links so you can perfect your form. I use a thesaurus app and an on-line syllable counter. I like to write without the restrictions of counting syllables. When I think it sounds like I want it, I’ll click syllable count. From there I can see where I need to clean it up, less words or more words. It’s my process. The more I write the easier it gets, the more I enjoy it.

Martha and I are delighted that we are able to contribute and especially create! Today the first two are her’s, she finished first. Ha! I haven’t even started.


Patriotic Picture

 A field of amber
 Waving gently in the wind
 Eagles are beacons



My love is a field
Open and waiting for you.
You are my beacon.


bare bottom
Bare Bottom Beacon

I spy you ore field
Your bare bottom a beacon
Causing me distress

This is dedicated to my son, Wesley Markham Haynes, who one hot Alabama summer stripped to his cowboy hat, white, and his cowboy boots black, for relief from the heat. I’m nine months pregnant, I think I suffered more than Mark, and I don’t care what the neighbors think. For mercy’s sake folks, he’s only three! My pictures are stored or I’d scan it and post it. It is a treasure.



I see you clearly
Black and white stripes a beacon
Serengeti colt

9 thoughts on “Field and Beacon Haiku

  1. All of them are superb, as beautiful as your site is. The ‘baby bottom’ one is cute. At that age they do wander around too much I recently scanned my sons baby pics and there are heaps of them, each one has a story to tell.

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