Share Your World 2015 Week #10

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Another week brings another Share Your World post from Cee. Here are my answers for Share Your World – 2015 Week #10:

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Cee’s three questions plus a bonus one, and my answers follow.

When you lose electricity in a storm, do you light the candles or turn on the flashlight? How many of each do you own?

Upstairs in my room I have 5 candles of various sizes, and a Scripto long-barreled lighter. However, before I consider candles, I grab my iPhone and turn the flashlight on the pull-up menu to give me light. Then I can find everything I need without bumping into things. We very seldom have power outages here. If we do, it’s for a short time. The winter brings the most danger for us to lose electricity. Ice storms can be the worst. I remember when I was teaching in White Bluff, Tennessee in Dickson County lost power for two weeks. That’s how long the school was out. I lived in Davidson County at the time and we lost power for only 4 days. I think candle light hides a multitudes of wrinkles, so no complaints from me.

You are given $5,000 and the chance to exchange it for one of two envelopes. One envelope contains $50,000 and one contains $500. Do you make the trade? Why or why not?

If only! Who would turn down $5,000? I’m not a gambler. I derive absolutely no pleasure from it. I would thank my benefactor for the lovely gift, The lure of more is lessened with the threat of less.

What’s your first memory?

Most of my early memories come from my mom or granny telling me about my antics. I just think I remember them. There is one, however that seems like a nightmare to me, and I truly believe it is a true memory.

We lived at the top of the hill, in  my mind it was a huge hill. Our drive way serviced several other homes built along the long, narrow drive that ended at our home. There were several children living in those homes who congregated at the top of the hill to play with me. I recall we had pails and shovels to dig in the rocks in the drive. The play wasn’t any different from what I believe is usual for children three or four years old. There was only one little boy among two or three girls. I’m certain all would have gone well if that boy would  have done what I told him to do. No, he was so stubborn and would have his way. I had no other recourse but to bash him on his head and push him down the hill. We needed to get on with our play.

Mayhem, and you might think murder, ensued. An ambulance came screaming up the hill; adults streamed from homes; children were crying as loud as the ambulance’s entrance; adults were questioning children. Many adults questioned me. I remained resolved, I didn’t know how he fell down the hill. The little boy left on a gurney for a hospital with a bloody head and scrapes elsewhere on his little body.  After the ambulance left with the boy, I thought questioning would be over. It was my cousin Tom who is staying with us turn, he swoops me up. Tom is eighteen and six feet tall, intimidating to anyone. Normally this is my favorite place to be, but he continues to question me even if he’s being so kind, wiping my tears and reassuring me everything is alright. I should tell him what happened. I recall not one person snitched. I thought I could escape  punishment for how I treated that beastly boy. Tom continues to talk so soothingly. I stop sobbing and listen.

“Meredith Ann you would feel so much better if you tell me what happened. Wouldn’t you feel better?” he said.

I shook my curly head yes, as I sniffed back another sob. I unleashed the ghastly tale of the bashing of the mean boy who wouldn’t mind.

I know I felt better, sharing my guilt with cousin Tom. He could bear it better than I. I felt so much better. My punishment, whatever it was,  is forgotten completely, in fact, no other memories of that time period remain. Perhaps it was the trauma of my misdeed, or it could be we had to leave the neighborhood quickly to save my delicate bum!

What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? Do you count sheep, toss and turn, or get up and try to do something?

I find that directing my thoughts as prayers to God is a source of comfort. I begin thinking about the people, family, neighbors, friends, folks in a prayer group on Face Book. My belief is God is all-knowing, I’ve been told that prayer changes me, not God’s mind, and I can’t tell God what to do, however, I can express to him my hearts desire. That’s what I do, and I leave the rest up to him. God hears my prayers. and peace like a river restores my soul. (From It Is Well With My Soul – by Horatio G. Spafford)

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’ve had some heart problems and discovered it’s not possible to drive an hour or more to get to my cardiologist at Vanderbilt. I was grateful that I felt comfortable with Dr. Nava, the cardiologist that my doctor recommended.

I don’t have anything on my calendar next week so, I’m looking forward to writing. It’s a considerable boon that God grants me the brain to continue to do so. Sometimes fear worms its way in; I’ll type a word wrong; I’ll speak a sentence with a grammatical error; then I say “I ban you fear. I have a spirit of courage.”

5 thoughts on “Share Your World 2015 Week #10

  1. Enjoyed reading your post here, glad to hear you are comfortable with the new cardiologist this means a lot I am sure , as I know when we feel confidence in our health care it makes a huge difference to our well being . Lots of good wishes , Kathy xxx

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