Sultans of Swing

sultans of swingI’m reading the music news about new releases from artist from country to pop when I came across this picture of Mark Knopfler. Who is this bald man? Reading along I discover he’s been retired about 20 years; he played guitar and sang for Dire Straits; and he’s played with Chet Atkins, Mr. Guitar. Do I know his music? Searching You Tube, there it is the Sultan of Swing; I’m enamored with the title! Anyone else remember it?

Mark Knopfler isn’t just a fine guitarist, but a wicked lyrist, telling excellent stories “with American and Celtic folk accents augmenting the country and blues elements.”

Tracker will be released March 17th according to MSN. This is
Henrik Hansen and Mark filming and talking about their work. Hansen made the has a film that is available as part of the Deluxe Box Set.

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