Day 2 Black and White Photo

my hands


Hands you’ve served me well

The tasks I’ve set before you

You’ve accomplished ten fold

There has only been a bit of violence

But I schooled you to act in love

These hands are maternal

They have tended the sick

They have celebrated joy

They  fold in prayer

For others before self

I consider you worthy

Of sweet peace and rest

These are my hands. I took the picture in color for a Blogging University 201 Poetry assignment. I’ve noticed each decade brings a new look to my hands, my whole body really, even my feet. I’ve learned to embrace the changes and adapt to a new level of activity.

I saw an image of my mother-in-law’s brain several years ago. The doctor pointed out the dark gray areas. He told me this is the death that dementia brings. I can’t complain about any decrease of mobility in my hands, because I still have a functioning brain. Always look at the positives and be thankful each day for those.

This is an invitation to SeasonedSistah2 to join in the fun of a 5 day challenge of black and white photography. This beautiful lady describes herself as on a journey to overcome fear and to explore new things. I think you could say she has a new attitude. I say she is talented and not afraid to show it in her photography and her prose. Sistah I hope you’ll accept the invitation. The guidelines couldn’t be easier.

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in black and white.
2. Each day invite another blogging friend to join in the fun.




18 thoughts on “Day 2 Black and White Photo

  1. A lovely poem, Meredith, and the hand photo says so much. We do a lot with our hands over the years and you are right the most important thing is that our brains remain alert.

    I hope you are finding this challenge creative. I certainly did. It was worth the work I put in as it made me think of new ideas for my blog. Looking forward to your next photo. 😊

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