Who Am I?

Casting Crowns is a Christian rock band that was started in 1999 by Mark Hall. Mark is the lead vocalist for the group as well the principle songwriter. He wrote Who Am I, a single from the bands’ debut album released in 2004. It’s considered one of the best from the self-titled album. The song received the Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year. Wikipedia lists all the awards.

The band was asked in an interview where their name came from, and what it means.

Mark: “The Scripture is Revelation 4 where it talks about the 24 elders around the throne, putting their crowns before Him. For me, as a believer, if you’re not careful, little things will rise up in your life and become important. And it will create distance between you and God; and these little kingdoms don’t have to be bad things, sometimes they can be good things. They just take our focus away, and we have to let these kingdoms fall and fall before Him and make sure that we are setting apart Christ as Lord in our lives.”

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