Do you want to be a happy quitter. Marilyn shares her battle.

The happy Quitter!

Marilyn's guestpost

Marilyn Armstrong, a blogger and photographer who I adore, did me the honor and wrote the first guest post about her own struggles when she quit smoking.  Marilyn’s blog  >>>Serendipity<<< is a “must read” for me and every day I look forward to her posts and pictures. You never know what subject she will write about and I find her way of writing very honest, real and witty. Marilyn talks about the social aspect of smoking, something that shouldn’t be underestimated. The addiction to the habit, overpowering the need for the actual cigarette.

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3 thoughts on “Quitting…

  1. This was a great read Meredith. Thanks. 😊

    I have just nominated you for the Five Day Black and White Photo Challenge here http://mariabrinkley.com/2015/03/08/black-white-photo-challenge-day-4-sharks-endangered-species/. Of course it is up to you if you wish to participate. Happy blogging Meredith.

    It’s nearly a year since Blogging 101. I have learned so much in the past year and had a lot of fun too. Thanks so much for the retweets. I really do appreciate this. 😊

    I hope you have the very best Sunday. It is Sunday night here now and a warm day – 31C. I went to the farmers markets to buy mangoes and it was so hot! Very different from the weather in much of North America at the moment. Cheers, Maria.

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    • I’ll think about the b & w challenge. Mangoes, my mouth waters. I buy them dried. I’ve never attempted a fresh one. It doesn’t seem possible a year has gone by. I still wonder what to do about our lovely coveyview. We have over 800 followers now. I’m not as enthusiastic as I was. Nicole is rightfully absorbed in her battle for health. Some have never posted a jot. I keep reblogging what I find interesting. I know you’ve had some problem with reblogging. I understand, I have some gliches with WP. Please be brutally honest about what you think. You and are the prime movers! I’d put it to a vote but the non-participants don’t read covey crew. haha

      Well, missy we are on our way into spring time in TN and we’ll be enjoying a warmer week now, and a hope for more to come. I’m going to CA this summer to visit family and friends. I’ll be there 2-3 months. No worries, I’ll keep up with my musing! XO

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      • I think that over 800 followers is quite an achievement for Covey View. I believe this group travel blog is a great idea and still valid. I get my computer back tomorrow so should be able to reblog again. Covey View offers valuable insights on places in the world and has plenty to offer readers.

        Good to hear the weather is warming up for you. I hope you have a wonderful time in CA visiting family.
        Happiness always,
        Maria xx

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