I often refer to myself as a flibbertigibbet, meaning my mind is dancing from one subject to another; I can’t stick to a point. Literally flibbertigibbet means “fly by the gibbet.” Instead of flighty, I prefer to think that I’m whimsical. I can’t foretell when a bout of whimsy will overtake me, but I’m inclined to just go with it, enjoy it, and hope those around me will want to “fly” with me. I’m over worrying about what folks think of me. If I want to whistle, sing, or dance, I give myself permission to do it with verve. If I speak to a stranger and they don’t return the greeting, giving side long glances as if I’m flipped out, so be it. They’re the losers. Life is short and I’m going to live each minute, in that particular minute, joyfully and fully. No yearning for yesteryear, or worrying for the morrow, today is a “present” and I’m opening it.

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