Mozart’s Requiem

Dear, sweet, mad, talented Amadeus, wrote beautiful music. There is a movie that tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as told by his peer, and secret rival Antonio Salieri. If you’d like to see the film: Watch HERE 🎇

The Requiem was composed because of a commission from an intermediary for Count von Walsegg, for dubious intentions. The Count asked Mozart to write a composition so that he could claim it as his own to commemorate the death of his wife. Mozart, a young composer, 35, and a genius, started writing his first setting of the Mass for the Dead. He completed 2/3 of the work when “he died after composing eight bars of the Requiem’s Lacrimosa. The last words he set to music was “that day of tears and mourning”.”  In essence he composed his own Requiem.(


11 thoughts on “Mozart’s Requiem

  1. Meredith, This is a most beautiful background sound as I peruse through my Reader. I am currently at 34 minutes and loving every second of it. Nice write up also. Hope you are well. Melissa Xx
    p.s. Just had the thought if I post this comment now I will cut off the music so I will send message after it finishes. Thanks to the angel who whispered that in my ear before clicking 🙂


  2. The Requiem flourished during the Renaissance period, despite during the 14th century when the Roman church limited the amount of times the Requiem was performed and of what chants it consisted. It was cut even further by the Council of Trent between 1545 and 1563

    At the time of Mozart’s death on 5 December 1791, only the opening movement (Requiem aeternam) was completed in all of the orchestral and vocal parts.

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